Effect of Aging on Stem Cells

Effect of Aging on Stem Cells:
The functions of aged stem cells become impaired as the result of cell-intrinsic pathways and surrounding environmental changes with the sharp rise in aging- associated conditions, the need for effective regenerative drug strategies for the aged is more important than ever. Fortunately, rapid-fire advances in stem cell and regenerative medicine technologies continue to give us with a better understanding of the conditions that allows us to develop further effective curatives and individual technologies to more treat aged cases. Still, there's a big ethical concern regarding the use of mortal embryos to procure embryonic stem cells, and numerous countries nowadays circumscribe trials on embryos to the first 14days. The International Society for Stem Cell Research has issued guidelines advising experimenters across the globe to stick with this 14-days window. Even though, it seems that mortal stem cell exploration in the coming decade will probably bring enormous progress in the aging- associated disorder therapeutics but may also reach a step closer to the edge of ethical concern in the creation of “Frankenstein”.

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