3D Bio-Printing and Organ Printing

3D Bio-Printing and Organ Printing:
3D Bio printing may be a sort of additive manufacturing that uses cells and other biocompatible materials as “inks”, also referred to as bio inks, to print living structures layer-by-layer which mimic the behaviour of natural living systems. Bio printed structures, like an organ-on-a-chip, are often wont to study functions of a person's body outside the body (in vitro), in 3D. The geometry of a 3D bio printed structure is more almost like that of a present biological system than an in vitro study performed in 2D, and may be more biologically relevant. It’s used most ordinarily within the fields of tissue engineering and bioengineering, and materials science. 3D bio printing is additionally increasingly used for pharmaceutical development and drug validation, and within the future are going to be used for medical applications in clinical settings – 3D printed skin grafts, bone grafts, implants, biomedical devices, and even full 3d printed organs are all active topics of bio printing research.

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