Dental Stem Cell

Dental Stem Cell
Several millions of cells with stem cell properties have been originated from different parts of the tooth. Regenerative medicine is the process of replacing the human cells, tissues and various organs for therapeutic applications. The concept of regeneration in medical field is not new, but it has significantly advanced post discovery of stem cells and in recent times many of scientist have found its application in dentistry as the identification of Dental stem cells. The concept of tooth regeneration was not accepted initially, but after that ground-breaking work by stomatologist G. L. Feldman in the year 1932 showed the evidence of regeneration medicine in dental pulp under certain biological conditions. These include cells from the pulp of both exfoliated (children's) and adult teeth, from the periodontal tissue ligament that links the tooth root with the bone, from the tips of developing roots and tissue i.e. dental follicle that surrounds the interrupted tooth. This work introduced the biological-aseptic principle of tooth therapy to achieve pulp regeneration using dentine filling as building material for stimulating pulp regeneration.  When Gronthos et al. identified and isolated odontogenic progenitor population in adult dental pulp. This type of cells was referred to as Dental Pulp Stem Cells (DPSCs). The discovery several researchers have reported varieties of dental stem cells.

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