IPR-FOR-SOCIETY is non-profit organization registered in the India. IPR-FOR-SOCIETY is founded by Dr. Pareshkumar C. Dave in 2017. Our aim is to spread intellectual property rights awareness in the society. Our mission is to go in still IPR values right from the beginning in the mind of children. We are organizing IPR awareness seminars and workshops at the schools, colleges, and educational institutes/universities. We are also collaborating with different other societies having similar goal set in spreading research activities in the educational institutes and in the society in general. We are also assisting faculties and staff members of educational institutes in identifying their Intellectual properties. Also, helping them to collaborate with other research groups around the world. We are bringing researchers from around the world on one common platform, where they can share their innovative ideas and also helping them to commercialize their innovation, bringing it from LAB-to-Market.

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